Tecnico s.r.l.

Company 1998/2008

Tecnico S.r.l.: "the company that looks to the future, answers the constant demand for innovation in the construction sector, first with the traditional technical secondary frame, and subsequently with the Tecnico System secondary frame".

Tecnico S.r.l. was founded in the not-so-distant1998 in the Veneto region, where it is still located today. It underwent intense commercial development right from the very beginning, establishing nationwide coverage. It thus became the leader in Italy for the supply and installation of secondary frames for hinged and sliding doors.

The Tecnico System was designed to contribute to technological innovation in the construction sector. It has replaced the traditional system of installing secondary frames, which experts felt was obsolete and economically wasteful. Because now more than ever, time is money.

In recent years, the success of the Tecnico System has also been recognized internationally. It has been the focus of attention of leading construction companies involved in major development and expansion projects. Today, the company crosses national borders in the search for business relationships with partners, wherever they may be.